Types of uPVC window

Since the 1980s, UPVC windows have gained popularity for their economical price and easy maintenance. According to recent reports, UPVC windows account for over 50% of the residential window market. However, the right window choice hinges on your home’s needs, budget, and style. UPVC windows are available in a variety of styles, each with its own set of benefits and features. Whether your goal is greater security, increased insulation, or just a sleeker appearance, there is a frame type for UPVC windows in Chandigarh that will suit your needs.

1. UPVC Casement Windows

Casement windows are prevalent because they fit both modern and classic homes really well. They usually swing open sideways, but there are also ones that open inward or have different hanging styles. French casement windows, for example, open wide without a middle pillar, giving you a bigger opening. UPVC casement windows come in all sorts of colors and usually have extra locks to keep your home secure.

2. UPVC Sash Windows

Sash windows have panels that slide up and down, common in old Victorian homes. When you’re replacing them with UPVC, each window is often custom-made because old houses are all a bit different. But don’t worry; suppliers can make them look just like the ones from Victorian or Georgian times. They even come with different opening styles and fancy hardware. And you can choose from lots of colors and finishes to match your home.

3. UPVC Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are extremely appealing because they can swing open fully or just tilt a bit for some fresh air. They’re really safe and versatile, which is great if you have kids around. These windows usually open inward and come in loads of different colors to suit your style.

4. UPVC Bay and Bow Windows

Bay windows stick out of the house with three panes of glass angled outward. They add a ton of character to any home. Old bay windows sometimes let in drafts, but new UPVC ones keep your home cozy. Bow windows are like bay windows but with a more curved shape. You can get both of them with UPVC frames.

5. UPVC Cottage-Style Windows

Cottage-style UPVC windows have bars inside to make them look like they have multiple panes, just like traditional cottage windows. They often come with an arch on top to match older houses. Choosing these windows means you get a classic look without all the upkeep of timber frames.

6. UPVC Flush vs. Stormproof Windows

Stormproof windows have a lip on the sash that sticks out slightly from the frame. This helps them withstand strong winds, especially in coastal areas where storms are common. Some UPVC window companies even test them to make sure they can handle exposure to salt spray. On the other hand, flush windows don’t have that lip. They’re often found in vintage homes, designed to look like traditional timber frames. Despite lacking a lip, flush windows offer security and energy efficiency. Plus, they come in various designs to match the style of your neighborhood.

Closing Notes

To wrap up, uPVC windows frames come in many styles, catering to different tastes and architectural requirements. Whether you prefer stormproof, flush, casement, sash, or slimline designs, there’s an option for every home. Looking ahead, uPVC remains a key player in construction, offering sustainable solutions that are both budget-friendly and easy to maintain, ensuring a bright and secure future for homes everywhere.

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