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Discover ArcEye's Diverse UPVC Door Collection

Whether you need elegant balcony doors or practical internal doors, we have a variety of attractive designs that will enhance any space. Our clean designs not only offer great views but also improve ventilation and look great. ArcEye Windoors, Get the Best UPVC Doors in Mohali, designs these uPVC doors to enhance your space while providing protection from noise, dust, rain, pollution, and high energy bills. Make the smart choice and install Top Quality UPVC Doors Today.


Sliding Doors


Casement Doors


Coloured Doors


Slide and Fold Doors

UPVC Doors in Mohali

Casement uPVC Doors

Suitable for various door types, inside or leading to balconies. Provides weather protection, works with global hardware, and accommodates doors up to 1200 mm wide. Enhanced safety with toughened or laminated glass for glass doors. Custom analysis needed for special doors like French doors or those with mullions. Optional threshold recommended for improved sound and temperature insulation.

Sliding UPVC Doors in Mohali

Ideal for replacing walls with windows or doors, bringing in ample air and sunlight. Available in three tracks with three or six shutters for design flexibility. Suitable for spacious balcony doors and floor-to-ceiling windows, with options for enhanced wind resistance. Perfect for designs prioritizing light and open spaces. Get the best Sliding uPVC Doors in Mohali.

Sliding uPVC Doors
UPVC Doors in Chandigarh

Slide & Fold uPVC Doors

In high demand for its unique features, Bi-Fold doors fully open wide and offer excellent weatherproofing, comparable to quality casement systems. Suitable for high-rise buildings covering large balcony openings and villas connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. Resilient against strong winds and rain, but careful structural analysis is essential during installation.

uPVC Doors Personalized for ‘YOU’

ArcEye Windoors offers innovative and entirely customizable Affordable uPVC door systems, featuring a diverse range of designs while delivering year-round exceptional insulation. This ensures your home remains comfortably cozy, even in the most extreme weather conditions. Over time, uPVC doors have gained recognition for their enduring strength, adaptability, and resistance to rust, making them an ideal choice for both residential and commercial settings.

Tailor-Made Top Premium Designs for UPVC Doors in Mohali - Your Dream Home, Your Style


Choose from a wide range of uPVC door styles and designs


Find the colour and lamination that best suits the look of your home


Modify the door with the glass of your choice


Customise the door with the hardware of your choice

ArcEye: Your Top Choice for UPVC Doors in Mohali

It has established itself as a trailblazer in the windows industry, boasting over years of experience and proficiency in crafting UPVC Doors near you in Mohali. What began as a single frame has evolved into an enduring and thriving enterprise. Today, it takes pride in offering comprehensive solutions for both residential and commercial projects from start to finish.

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