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Features & Benefits

1. Energy Efficient


lash Your Air Conditioning Costs Today! Gone are the days when windows and doors were mere portals to light and air. In today's world, these architectural elements have transformed into pivotal tools for boosting energy efficiency during construction. In fact, the adoption of energy-efficient windows and doors can pave the way for remarkable savings, reducing your energy bills by an impressive 7%-15%.

At ArcEye Windoors, we fully grasp the urgency of taming the relentless rise in energy expenses. That's precisely why ArcEye Windoors has woven cutting-edge energy-saving features like airtight sealing and double/triple insulation into its product portfolio. These groundbreaking innovations not only trim the costs of heating and cooling your home but also preserve the alluring aesthetics of your living space.

2. Noise Insulation


reate Your Own Peaceful Retreat In today's busy world, finding a quiet place to relax and unwind can be quite a challenge. The constant noise from neighbors, traffic, trains, factories, loud music, bars, and airplanes disrupts our lives and takes away the peace and calm we long for. Usually, windows and doors are the weak points when it comes to keeping out noise in our homes. This is especially true for traditional ones, which often don't seal tightly and can let in noise even when they're closed properly. These gaps, whether due to design, construction, or installation issues, make it easy for disruptive sounds to enter our peaceful spaces and disturb our sense of tranquility.

However, this is not the case with ARCEYE WINDOORS. When closed, they effectively seal out external disturbances, cocooning you in an environment that fosters focus, a peaceful night's rest, relaxation, and an overall enhancement of your quality of life.

3. Rainwater Insulation


ROTECTS AGAINST RAIN WATER INTRUSION While we all appreciate the refreshing rain and its benefits for nature, it becomes far less enjoyable when rainwater finds its way into your living space. The consequences of rainwater seepage can be more severe and costly than one might initially realize. Beyond the obvious financial burden of repairs, which can escalate if the source of the seepage is not promptly identified and addressed, there are also potential health risks for your family. Mold and bacteria can thrive in damp conditions, leading to respiratory issues and infections.

This problem becomes particularly pronounced with traditional wooden windows and doors, as they can warp over time, creating openings that invite rainwater into your home. Even with aluminum windows and doors, inadequate installation can result in rainwater accumulating in the tracks and eventually spilling into your living space.

4. Storm Resistant


ay goodbye to the annoying whistling sounds and rattling windows and doors! India experiences some of the world's highest wind speeds, reaching up to a staggering 250 kmph along its picturesque coastlines, equivalent to enduring the force of 3100 Pascals.

But here's where it gets interesting, especially if you live in a high-rise paradise. That gentle breeze you feel on the ground floor? It transforms into a powerful gale on the upper levels of tall buildings. And when that happens, traditional windows and doors start their noisy symphony of rattles and whistles.

Now, picture this: ArcEye Windoors engineers have stepped in with ingenious solutions to safeguard your home against these relentless hurricanes and cyclones. These innovations not only provide robust protection but also ensure your frames stay quiet and your home remains tranquil, all while elevating safety and security to new heights. Say hello to peace and safety in style!

5. Low Maintenance


xperience Unparalleled Peace of Mind with Fenesta Windows and Doors ArcEye Windoors windows and doors redefine effortless maintenance. They effortlessly repel termites, fend off dust, and remain impervious to warping. These doors boast all-weather resilience, standing strong against storms and ensuring impeccable rainwater insulation. Even the harshest heat and sunlight won't tarnish their pristine appearance. Resisting corrosion, they maintain their flawless form. With ArcEye Windoors, you're investing in everlasting elegance. Regular cleaning to eliminate surface dirt and dust is the only upkeep needed for these windows and doors, designed to deliver a lifetime of peak performance.

6. Keeping Bugs at Bay


on't let pesky insects and mosquitoes ruin your indoor comfort. Many people resort to keeping their windows and doors shut around the clock just to avoid these unwanted guests. Unfortunately, that means missing out on the invigorating breeze and natural sunlight.

But fear not! ArcEye Windoors has a stylish solution for you. Our range of insect mesh comes in a variety of captivating designs and colors that not only keep bugs and pests out but also allow for a constant flow of refreshing air and the warm embrace of sunlight. Embrace a bug-free, airy, and well-lit home with ArcEye Windoors's insect mesh options!

7. Enhance Home Security


njoy Fresh Air While You Sleep Peacefully. The concern for security is paramount in every city across India, whether you reside in a villa or a low-rise building. An open window or door presents a tempting opportunity for potential intruders.At Arceye Windoors, we recognize the importance of maintaining a comfortable and secure living environment. That's why our products offer an appealing solution ensuring the safety of your home.

Designs & Styles

All-Weather Champions

Our doors and windows stand as formidable shields against the toughest elements nature can unleash. They defy the fiercest storms with unwavering strength and repel rainwater with unmatched precision. Crafted from the perfect blend of powder-coated aluminum, prized for its lightweight prowess and exceptional durability, and formulated with exclusive additives, our products remain unyielding in the face of temperature fluctuations and relentless UV rays. They hold onto their shape, color, and shine, showcasing enduring elegance. With minimal expansion or contraction and astonishingly low thermal conductivity, these materials deliver a spectacular performance, ensuring superb energy efficiency and championing environmental sustainability.

Designed to Thrive in Tropical Climates

Unlike other window solution providers who import profiles that may not withstand the demands of tropical weather, we take a different approach. We proudly manufacture our own uPVC profiles and windows, meticulously engineered to conquer the challenges posed by the dramatic climate variations in these regions. In fact, we stand as the exclusive company in the country that crafts doors and windows with a deliberate focus on designing and simulating them to endure the diverse wind loads found in various cities, varying building heights, and unique topographies. Your peace of mind, even in the harshest conditions, is our priority.

Crafted Hardware Perfected for Tropical Environments

Every intricate facet bears the hallmark of excellence. Our hardware and accessories are meticulously engineered and tailored to adhere to stringent guidelines and regulations, ensuring unparalleled performance in the harshest tropical climates. Remarkably, Arceye Windoors stands as the sole global company employing stainless steel hardware for its windows and doors. At Arceye Windoors, an unwavering commitment to precision extends to even the most delicate elements, ensuring that you receive nothing short of the finest.

Sculpted to Perfection

Fusion-Welded Seams In a remarkable departure from conventional windows and doors, our creations boast fusion-welded joints. This innovative technique not only elevates their insulation capabilities but also bestows them with a watertight seal, ensuring your windows and doors are impervious to leaks and drafts.

Enhanced Security with Multi-Point Locking

Experience the advanced security features of Arceye Windoors, where our multi-point locking system not only elevates the overall seal but also amplifies the acoustic and thermal insulation of your windows and doors. This ingenious system guarantees an even distribution of weight, safeguarding the structural robustness of your installations. Additionally, we offer a range of premium hardware options designed specifically for casement windows and doors, providing you with an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

Steel Fortification

Our windows and doors are meticulously engineered to effortlessly combat the unique wind dynamics of every cityscape, building elevation, and natural terrain. Within each window and door frame, a resilient layer of zinc-coated steel reinforcement is seamlessly integrated, bestowing them with unmatched durability. This steel reinforcement acts as an impenetrable shield against warping and frame deterioration, while gracefully deflecting the forces unleashed by robust winds and torrential downpours. This exceptional strength ensures that our windows and doors stand resolute, even in the face of nature's most formidable challenges."

Innovative and Exclusive Rain Track System with Sill Arrangement

Our  windows boast a patented drainage system that effortlessly safeguards your space by effectively diverting rainwater away, ensuring a dry and secure environment.

Hurricane Bar

an added layer of fortification that transforms your home's defense against nature's might. With the Hurricane Bar, our windows and doors are engineered to stand strong against the most formidable wind forces, withstanding pressures of up to an impressive 3000 pascals.

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